UPDATED: Former Cherokee Nation executive tweets Mike Gundy: "I hope he gets COVID"

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

EDITOR'S NOTE: It has come to the attention of the Cherokee Free Press that Amanda Clinton is no longer employed by the Cherokee Nation, Cherokee Nation Businesses, or Oklahoma State University. At the time of publication, she self-identified as an employee of these entities via social media.

In the midst of a pandemic ravaging Cherokee Country, the self-described "Storyteller for the Cherokee Nation" made light of the deadly coronavirus through a threatening tweet to Oklahoma State University's legendary football coach.

If you're an Okie or a college football fan, you've probably heard by now about the controversy that OSU head coach Mike Gundy found himself in on Monday, when a picture was posted to Twitter of him sporting a t-shirt featuring the logo of One America News, a conservative media outlet with a history of sharing pro-Trump viewpoints on the issues of the day. The photo quickly garnered attention from commentators on both sides of the political aisle after a player on the Oklahoma State football team tweeted that he would "not be doing anything with Oklahoma State until things change."

However, while Hubbard expressed his frustration with Gundy by calling for change, one Cherokee Nation executive had a different reaction: threaten him with COVID-19.

In a since-removed tweet directed at Gundy, Amanda Clinton (who is currently listed on LinkedIn as the Director of Communications for the Cherokee Nation, Vice President of Communications for Cherokee Nation Businesses, and an Adjunct Professor at Oklahoma State University) chimed into the controversy with a simple rebuttal: "I hope he gets COVID."

While wishing death or illness upon somebody who disagrees with you politically is something that most people would consider heinous, it is particularly disturbing when you consider the fact that the COVID-19 death count has been monstrously high in Cherokee Country, spurring the tribe to declare a state of emergency and expand the powers of Chief Chuck Hoskin, Jr to spend money on COVID-19 relief.

In fact, just today, Cherokee Nation Health Services announced that the Cherokee Nation is currently seeing the greatest spike in positive COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic. For such a serious issue that is taking the lives of Cherokee citizens to be taken as a joke by a reportedly high-ranking Cherokee Nation official, we at the Cherokee Free Press are deeply disturbed.

Is this the type of behavior that is expected from Cherokee Nation leadership? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

UPDATE: Since the time of publication, another questionable tweet has arisen from the Twitter account of Ms. Clinton, appearing to jokingly reference arson as a tool of protest against Coach Gundy. This tweet can be viewed below:

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