Walkingstick Urges CN Election Commission to Select Pro-Reform Candidate to Replace Commissioner

The former tribal councilman took to Facebook Wednesday to express support for a pro-election reform replacement for Commissioner Carolyn Allen.

It was reported Tuesday by the Cherokee Free Press that Election Commissioner Carolyn Allen would be stepping down from her post on the board that voted to remove David Walkingstick from the 2019 principal chief election.

Following this report, former Tribal Councilor David Walkingstick took to Facebook to release the following statement:

“Friends, it’s been one year since the Cherokee Nation Election Commission voted to remove me from the 2019 chief’s race on false, politically motivated charges, stripping thousands of Cherokee citizens of their fundamental right to choose the leader of their tribe.

We’ve heard our citizens over the past year cry out for change in our election system, justice for our people, and fast action to rebuild the trust that our government has broken time and time over the years. We’ve heard all of this, and one year later there has been no change – no election reform.

With the resignation of Carolyn Allen, the Cherokee Nation Election Commission has a major opportunity to heal our broken system and regain the trust of our people, or they can continue us down the same dark path we’ve been following in recent years.

I prayerfully ask one thing of the Cherokee Nation Election Commissioners who will be voting soon to select their newest colleague: please, for the future of our people, choose a new commissioner who you best believe will bring the reforms our Nation needs, not just a rubber stamp for administration officials.

Our election commissioners have a tough decision in the days ahead, but I have hope that they will keep an open mind and make the right decision to repair our tribe and reunite our people.”

The Cherokee Nation Election Commission will he accepting resumés for this open position until May 26.

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